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The woodworking industry is experiencing continuous change, and Lenze is proud to be a trusted partner along the way. At a time when digitalization is the norm, we are at the forefront of providing innovative automation solutions that successfully meet the challenges of the woodworking industry.

Our solutions for the challenges in the wood industry at a glance:

Complete motion control

Lenze solves the complete movement on and between the machines. The decentralized frequency inverter i550 motec and precise servo inverters i750 and i950 enable accurate positioning and movements for demanding machine processes.

Connectivity and digitalization

Lenze is shaping the future of woodworking with solutions that drive the connectivity of machines. Our technologies enable sophisticated wood processing while ensuring the highest safety standards. Connecting to the web is easy via our cloud-based x4 Platform and the remote access option for machines with x4 Remote.

Easy usability and digital twin

Lenze sets a benchmark in terms of customer usability. By using a digital twin, we offer our customers the prerequisites for end-to-end digital engineering. Become part of Industry 4.0 and leverage precise and efficient solutions for the individual design of wood products, especially in the structural timber construction and furniture manufacturing of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Mastering automation complexity

The increasing demand for customized wood products requires advanced automation solutions. Lenze is a leader in the realization of control concepts for demanding machine movements, with a focus on modularity and scalability.

Security and open interfaces

Our solutions not only ensure smooth communication within the system, but also the highest standards in terms of cyber security. Our standardized EtherCAT and OPC UA interfaces ensure communication with our servo inverters and controllers.

Precision and performance

Lenze ensures precision in cutting, grinding and profiling. Our products, such as the intelligent i950 servo inverter, offer maximum efficiency and sensorless control modes.

Process optimization

Our powerful controller c550 enables effective process optimization with high processing power and the ability to use functions such as condition monitoring and OEE calculations with ease.

Modularity and motion-synchronized process control

Lenze relies on modularity. From the intelligent i950 servo inverter to the compact controllers c430 and c520. Our solutions flexibly adapt to your requirements and enable precise, motion-synchronized process control.

Extensive automation portfolio:

With Lenze at your side, you can shape the future of woodworking. Rely on our many years of experience and our extensive portfolio to successfully master the challenges of the industry. ?

Lenze – innovation, reliability and progress for wood industry automation.

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