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You want to plan, build or commission machines? Set up or carry out diagnostics on existing machines? Regardless of whether these applications are simple or require maximum precision and dynamics: You can select the tools that are right for you and make your engineering faster and easier.


EASY Product Finder

The EASY Product Finder (EPF) supports designers and purchasers in selecting and procuring Lenze drive and automation products. The EPF supports you in your search for the right products with intuitive search functions. This includes, for example, CAD data and product-relevant torque-speed characteristics. Basic sizing makes it easy to calculate applications and develop initial ideas for the machine solution.

Start EASY Product Finder

Product selection and more

The EASY Product Finder (EPF) supports designers and purchasers in selecting and procuring Lenze drive and automation products.

  • Clear display of all products
  • Quickly find the right products with the various search functions
  • The EPF searches our product database for you using performance data or specific properties in order to present you with the right product
  • Central management via the shopping cart

Your personal login provides the following options:

  • Search for products by material number
  • Determine prices and availability
  • Place orders directly
  • View order history

Comprehensive products such as geared motors can be adapted simply and to suit your machine requirements. Your product selection is added to the shopping cart and can be printed out as a results list. Therefore a price inquiry is possible with a just few mouse clicks. You will receive all necessary information in no time.

The basic sizing of the EPF allows you to develop an initial draft for a drive solution consisting of a geared motor and inverter. It is easy to create a drive solution in just a few steps using basic applications such as travelling/conveying, lifting or rotating.

Flexible access from anywhere: https://Productfinder.Lenze.com

森林舞会游戏 and shopping cart

The EPF supports you in your search for the right products with intuitive search functions.

  • The quick search provides a targeted entry based on the most important search criteria
  • Search criteria, product properties or type designations can be entered directly and linked via the keyword search
  • Further useful search criteria in the detailed search help to refine the result or to enable other search entries
  • Product suggestions from the results list can be compared based on their properties
  • Additional options can be defined subsequently in the product configuration for products with many variants, such as geared motors

The shopping cart is the central location for storing your selected products and for carrying out all further steps in the procurement process.Shopping carts can be stored locally, divided and merged when they are loaded.

Storage of the product selection:

  • 森林舞会游戏
  • Product configuration
  • Basic sizing
  • Sizing from the DSD
  • Material number (login)
  • Order history (login)

Shopping cart functions for the further procurement process:

  • View/log product data
  • Modify product configuration
  • Generate CAD data
  • Make request for quotation
  • Determine prices and availability (login)
  • Order products directly (login)
Basic sizing, CAD data, M-n characteristics

Basic sizing

In addition to the pure product search in the EASY Product Finder, the basic sizing offers you the opportunity to easily come up with a "first" draft of a drive solution for a geared motor with an inverter.

The tool comes to a solution quickly and efficiently in just a few steps using basic applications such as travelling/conveying, lifting or rotating.

  1. Select application
  2. Select drive concept
  3. Enter the application data
  4. Select drive technologies
  5. Find drive solution

Including M-n characteristics, CAD and ePLAN data. The solution can be logged and transferred directly to the shopping cart.

CAD data

  • Search for and find CAD data in a targeted manner
  • Retrieve a product directly from the shopping cart

Available in all common 2D and 3D formats, including 3D PDF

M-n characteristics

Determine and log torque-speed characteristics of motor/inverter combinations.

Drive Solution Designer

Application-oriented drive sizing is the be-all and end-all for the development of a goal-oriented machine concept. Create, optimise and document drive solutions with the Drive Solution Designer (DSD). The DSD considers energy efficiency separately for each application. As a result, the tool uncovers potential savings for you during the development of the machine concept.

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Plan and test drive solutions

A mechatronic system analysis is extremely important for a machine concept. Designers can quickly and easily determine the right drive sizing with the Drive Solution Designer (DSD).

The DSD contains well-founded and proven knowledge on drive applications and electro-mechanical drive components. This knowledge is made available to you interactively. Both simple and complex applications are defined by their individual process data and specific speed curves.

The mechanical and electrical drive structure can be individually adapted to the requirements of your machine. The drive components are tested for both the physical requirements as well as the feasible combinations.

All parties involved in the planning process have a shared view of the development of the drive solution.

the application to achieve the optimum drive solution.

The energy performance certificate transparently illustrates the energy balance of the calculated drive solution. A detailed technical protocol summarises the design results.

The DSD is equipped with an interface to the EASY Product Finder (EPF), thereby combining the advantages of the EPF with those of the DSD.

The highlights of the DSD include optimum ease of operation for quick and simple drive sizing, analysis and testing of the entire drive system and the creation of alternative drive solutions.

Applications and drive systems

User groups

  • Design engineers in the planning phase
  • Project engineers in the development and commissioning phase
  • Service personnel for checking field problems


  • Comprehensive applications such as linear and rotary drives, winding drives, wheel drives, hoist drives and synchronised drives, belt conveyors and pumps
  • Process parameters with solution knowledge
  • Description of standardised operating modes
  • Freely definable motion sequences using convenient editor
  • Import of an M/n load characteristic
  • Check lists for collecting the application parameter

Mains, ambients

  • Network configurations and voltages
  • AC mains and DC multi-axis grouping
  • Ambient conditions

Drive systems

  • Motor on inverter with different control processes
  • Mechanical built-on accessories (brakes, encoders)
  • With or without gearboxes
  • With or without additional drive element
  • Single and multi-axis systems
  • Regenerative power supply modules
  • Brake resistors
  • Component combinability
  • System integration and product knowledge
  • Sizing of application motors


  • Limit loads (electrical/mechanical)
  • Utilisations, reserves, mains load
  • System tests, e.g. by considering the M-n characteristic of the drive system up to field weakening
  • Possible combinations
  • Losses and energy efficiency
  • Coordinated motion sequences
Functions and features

Useful functions

  • Drive Solution Energy Performance Certificate
    • Transparency for the application and the entire drive system
    • Energy requirements, energy costs, CO2 emissions, optimisation potential, amortisation
  • Application tuner: immediate comparison of solutions with different operation of the application
  • Solution documentation through adaptable protocols (short and detailed protocol, commissioning protocol)


  • Optimum ease of operation for fast, simple and professional drive sizing
  • Optional selection of the product options
  • Consideration and check of the entire drive system
  • Providing alternatives with comparison
  • Various host computers and tables of values
  • Available in different languages
  • Metric and imperial units
  • Online help with operating and sizing tips
  • Comprehensive web links to further information sources

EASY System Designer

The EASY System Designer (ESD) is a web-based tool for the complete planning of machine solutions, consisting of automation and drive components as well as software. Together with you, we use the new engineering tool to plan your machine and set your ideas in motion for the future.


  • Shorter development times with lower personnel expenses and shorter time-to-decision thanks to easy system dimensioning
  • Certainty to make the right decisions thanks to integrated expertise
  • Continuity in the engineering process thanks to integrated tools & services
  • Effective planning thanks to reusable solutions
  • Lean processes thanks to web-based collaboration

The journey through the digital transformation: With Lenze, you can tackle the challenges of this journey in production as well as in machine development and construction!

Save time

Simply plan your system efficiently: The quick and easy system design will help you save time finding a solution. As a result, you gain valuable engineering resources, reduce risks and can bring your machine to market faster. And what's best: The early suggested solutions give you certainty you are making the right decisions when planning your automation.

Improve quality

Whether you are solving standard tasks or making special machines: Take advantage of our expertise. We have included extensive know-how in the Lenze FAST technology modules and are making it available to you. Our standard software modules are already available to design engineers in the machine concept planning phase. This minimises the downstream programming effort and gives you more time to focus on the special features that make your machine interesting.

In addition, you can execute iterations much faster during system planning, because not all the changes always need to be incorporated into other tools. Eliminating manual interfaces reduces the risk of transmission errors.

Consistency throughout the engineering process

The digitised development process makes it possible for you to develop the right automation concept for your individual machine at an early stage of the project.

The standardised and automatically created documentation can be used in later engineering phases and during operation, and the maintenance measures can be used until the end of the life cycle.

Another advantage: Via the connection to the Lenze EASY Product Finder, the selected products can be added to the shopping cart and accelerate the quotation process.

Effectiveness in the planning stage

You have the machine knowledge and we have the routine: With ESD, we ensure that you create your machine solution according to a tried-and-tested, standardised procedure, thus ensuring more certainty in the planning process.


Our vision: All those involved in the development process of a machine - on your end and ours - will have a shared view of the planning. When all departments access a shared database, the coordination effort remains low. In addition, result logs can be generated with different machine views, allowing a standardised documentation to be created for each specialist field.


PLC Designer

The PLC Designer is the tool for program creation and commissioning of products with PLC functionality on the basis of CODESYS V3. Logic & motion is programmed in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard. PLCopen certified components for motion control and coordinated motion make it easy to implement even extensive PLC projects. A graphical cam editor for cam profiles, debuggers and monitoring functions provides you with support.

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Program creation and commissioning

The PLC Designer is the tool for your program creation and commissioning of our PLC products. The PLC products are programmed in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard.

The PLC Designer offers you all the functions you need for convenient engineering of controller-based solutions. In addition, we offer you comprehensive support in the realisation of your projects through our application engineers in every project phase.

The software is based on CODESYS V3 and is intended for project engineers of mechanical engineering companies. The PLC Designer functionalities include an extensive library of function blocks for a wide range of tasks. The PLC Designer can be used in combination with the EASY Starter for straightforward commissioning.

PLC functionality

PLC functionality in line with IEC 61131-3

  • Instruction list (IL)
  • Ladder diagram (LD)
  • Function block diagram (FBD)
  • Structured text (ST)
  • Sequential function chart (SFC)
  • Continuous function chart editor (CFC)

Simply master the complex

  • Library collection with standardised FAST technology modules
  • Different versions of the same library can be used
More functions

Distributed applications

  • Several control systems in one project
  • Separation of functioning and hardware
  • Several applications on one hardware device

Parameterisation dialog

  • All diagnostic and parameterisation dialogs of the EASY Starter are also available in the PLC Designer


  • Object-oriented programming
  • Conditional code generation - facilitates the creation of scalable programs through the use of pre-processor instructions

Graphical cam editor

  • Easily define even complex motion control. Including cam tracks as well as import and export of data point tables

EASY UI Designer

With the help of the EASY UI Designer, web-based machine visualizations can be easily created in combination with the FAST UI Runtime of the new c520 & c550 controllers. einfach webbasierte Maschinenvisualisierungen erstellen. Our v450 Web Panel perfectly rounds off the solution with its valuable design.

Create individual interfaces without web programming knowledge by adapting our prepared templates and controls. Put the user in the center of attention without much effort - with intuitive and user-friendly machine operation.

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Intuitive visualization with individual design

A good machine visualization is more than an aesthetic interface. It enables simple and error-free operation of the machine and thus increases the productivity of your entire production line.

The EASY UI Designer is exactly the right tool to realize such interfaces. Using the visualization elements already implemented, you can easily create individual operating concepts for different user groups.

All supplied elements are designed according to UX design rules and can be customized. A powerful graphical editor supports your project planning and facilitates the interface design via drag and drop. The EASY UI Designer is based on an open system approach. Advanced control elements outside the standard can be developed together.

The EASY UI Designer can be used to design an online editable dashboard with predefined widgets as well as multi-touch gestures.

The EASY UI Designer is based on an open system approach: Advanced non-standard operating elements can be developed collectively.



  • Vector-based visualization
  • Faster and easier operation through modern technologies supporting multi-touch gestures
  • Prepared templates
    • Layout templates (fixed and responsive)
    • Different themes
    • Recipes, users, language switching
  • Control and action library
    • Pie chart, donut gauge, panorama view, slider
  • Extended communication error handling, for example through optical feedback from the controls
  • Process communication via OPC-UA


Language switching

  • Many languages already implemented, extendable

Alarm management

  • Templates for historical and current alarms
  • Different alarm classes definable

User administration


  • Offline - management completely available    Online - administration of users partly available (change password already possible, add / edit / delete a user in preparation)

Recipe management


  • Template to select, load, save and delete recipes
  • Connectable to PLC module for recipe management

Trend recording


  • Diagram representation already possible
  • Storage and archive retrieval of trends in preparation



Simple presentation of applications: The VisiWinNET? product range is a visualization software platform intended for mechanical systems engineering tasks, the main benefits of which can be found in its scalable functions and in its combined runtime and developer systems.


  • Consistent, integrated visualization software
  • For classic machine-oriented operator and monitoring functions (HMI) and sophisticated SCADA systems client/server technology
  • Quick application creation
  • Ready-made visualization components (templates) and examples make it possible to create applications quickly and efficiently.


EASY Starter

The EASY Starter supports service technicians with the commissioning and maintenance of your machines thanks to easy-to-use diagnostic and parameterisation dialogs. As an option, the tool facilitates online diagnostics and troubleshooting without the danger of inadvertent changes to the application. The EASY Starter provides all the functions required for safe machine operation. The basic functions of the EASY Starter can be used to load finished applications, update device firmware and adjust parameters in context-guided interfaces.

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Commissioning and maintenance

By users for users. The EASY Starter supports you in the commissioning and maintenance of your machines. Easy to use parameterisation and diagnostic dialogs and a structured graphical user interface allow you to keep the necessary overview in every situation.

The EASY Starter has been designed specifically for the commissioning and maintenance of Lenze products. The tool enables online diagnostics and troubleshooting within this framework. No parameter modification is possible in the diagnostic mode, meaning that there is no danger of accidental application modification.

A user-friendly menu navigation featuring just a few buttons supports you in all machine adjustments.

The EASY Starter includes all functions that are of importance to you, such as the loading of finished applications onto the device, updating the device firmware or adjusting parameters in context-guided interfaces. The EASY Starter has the right user interface for a variety of applications. Commissioning and maintenance

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

  • Interfaces optimised for different applications and users
  • Concise menus with just a few buttons
  • User guidance independent of the device
  • Easy management of multiple devices
  • The right parameter with just a few clicks
  • Direct support for all device parameters and message

Application-specific interfaces

The EASY Starter can be used in operating modes specific to the application, giving each user an individually tailored interface to efficiently perform their task:

  • EASY Starter
  • EASY Starter/Online only
  • EASY Starter/Online & Read only
  • EASY Application Loader
  • EASY Firmware Loader
  • Smart Motor
More functions

EASY Starter

  • The full range of functions of the EASY Starter for all users who want to diagnose and set up machines and drives.
  • Management of offline and online devices

EASY Starter Online only

  • Modifications of parameters directly in the connected device
  • Communication via all existing Lenze OPC bus servers
  • Easy selection of the communication path to the device
  • Transfer to several devices possible

EASY Starter Online & Read only

  • Simple online device diagnostics - without the danger of inadvertent changes to the application

EASY Application Loader

  • Easy-to-use assistant for service personnel of mechanical engineering companies and end customers
  • Load the finished customer application into devices in just a few steps
  • Batch control available for serial commissionin

EASY Firmware Loader

  • Easy-to-use assistant for service personnel of mechanical engineering companies and end customers
  • Load firmware into devices in just a few steps
  • Batch control available for serial commissioning

Lenze Smart Motor

  • For service personnel of mechanical engineering companies and end customers who use the Lenze Smart Motor
  • Easy-to-use PC tool for parameterising the Lenze Smart Motor
  • Transfer to motor via USB-NFC adapter (not included in the scope of supply)

Further downloads for EASY Engineering Tools and previous products can be found in the Download Self Service area.

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